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Jo-Ann Freda’s booking career began by working with The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra (formerly known as The Taylor Hicks Band), and she was successful in having such stars as Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry, and Ace Young perform at events she orchestrated.  It was out of her experience with this work that her love for music took hold and gave her new direction for her life.

Ms. Freda has played a key role in the success of such notable bands as the Sean Carney Band, the Sean Chambers Band, Damon Fowler, Albert Castiglia, the Mighty Lester Band and Gregg Allman/Vince Esquire.

Prior to starting the Agency, Ms. Freda spent over 20 years in corporate sales including event planning and promotion. Jo-Ann has promoted several important events, including an international conference involving members of the White House staff, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security at Foxwoods Resorts and Casino. She was responsible for generating major sponsorships, attendance, and vendors.

Jo-Ann is also a proud member of the BLUES FOUNDATION.


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Jo-Ann Freda Promotions works for the best, hardest working performers in the Rock/Blues/Roots genre. For example, the legendary Chris Duarte has been touring the world for more than 30 years and thousands of gigs under his belt, playing his own unique brand of high-energy intricate jazz-infused Texas Blues. He routinely plays more than 150 houses per year, with continuous critical acclaim. Jo-Ann is responsible for booking every one of his shows, arranging routes and providing a schedule that meets his aggressive desire to continuously play for his legions of fans.

Her two “young lions,” John Pagano (JP Blues) and Jo Harman are also achieving fast critical acclaim with their own brand of Indie-Blues and sultry arrangements steeped in pure talent and Blues soul.

Jo-Ann Freda Promotions is the agency to turn to when you need an unforgettable performance that leaves you wanting more.

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